From an early age I knew there had to be a connection between the health of my body and my emotions. A mind body connection that for years it seemed that during times of extreme stress whether it was physical or emotional, I could endure the experience but when it was over I would come down sick with a head cold or migraine headache. Migraines so severe that I would lose eighty percent of my peripheral vision then suffer through extreme nausea and excruciating pain, which render me unable to function. I used to say to my mother, " I don't know which goes first the physical or emotional, that leads up to these events." Even though there is a that a genetic predisposition to migraines I have learned natural ways prevent it from happening. 

My pursuit of health resulted in a life dedicated to helping myself and others to achieve well-being that emphasizes an individual's practice of health-promoting lifestyle behaviors.  Animas Well-being was created to bring the best holistic practitioners together to help each other and our community to heal. Beauty radiates from within and being healthy is beautiful. Whether you're 
sixteen or ninety six we can help you improve and enjoy a better quality of life. Let us help you to achieve a life of optimal well-being.

We currently offer: 

Nutritional consultations
Cooking classes
Guided meditation
Esthetician services

Coming soon
Massage Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Light Language