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So much emphasis is placed on how we look but not on how we feel. Outward physical appearance can be altered, but this does not address the foundation or core of our health.

Our practitioners believe that beauty radiates from within and being healthy is beautiful. Whether you're  sixteen or sixty we can always help you improve and enjoy a better quality of life. 

By making gradual changes in your life  you can achieve your goals. Perhaps it's a change in your diet, losing a few pounds or reducing stress in your life you can always improve your health.

If you want to explore ways to achieve a more mindful and healthier way of life, you've come to the right place. We currently offer nutritional consultations, cooking classes, meal delivery, catering and guided meditation sessions and counseling. Let us help you to achieve a life of optimal wellbeing.

Open House 
Open house? No problem! Let our team create a special day for you and your potential clients. We will arrive early set up beautiful arrangements of food that will allow you to have a stress free open house. 

Weight loss

The misinformation we've all heard about. 

Carbohydrates are BAD and if you want to lose weight you must eliminate them! Instead you can eat all of the protein you want and watch the unwanted pounds as they magically disappear. 

This is a huge misconception. While cutting all carbohydrates from your diet will in fact help you lose weight, it will not last. Once you start consuming carbohydrates again, you will gain back most if not all of the lost weight. 

A diet that is very high in protein consumed over extended periods taxes kidney function and may cause long term damage. Personally, I have found that most people who follow this type of diet suffer from irritability. Carbohydrates are brain food and our brains need to be nourished as well as our bodies. When the right carbohydrates are consumed in the correct portions, the body actually burns more fat, fuels the brains and supports long term weight loss. 


People have told me, "I never eat anything that has a face," I can understand this approach from the aspect of not wanting to harm a sentient being however, this is not the only way to be healthy.  While I am not opposed to increasing a persons daily in-take of vegetables, the restriction of protein sources is a major concern. Vital nutrients are being lost which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. While supplementation can be used they are never long term solutions. 

Counting Calories

Not all calories or carbohydrates are the same. Counting calories is usually a self defeating proposition when it comes to achieving a healthy weight. Knowing how, what and when to eat is a more realistic way to achieve goals and nourish the body.  


Good News!


I have heard people say," you eat like a bird!"  Just so happens that like birds, people are omnivores. And as such should enjoy a large variety of delicious food. If you ever have the pleasure of watching birds, they can eat anything in moderation except for avocados and chocolate. Thankfully for humans avocados are high in good fat and are very good for us. Then there is chocolate. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and also beneficial. So yes, this is a food that should be included in our diets. Knowing how to feed our bodies is key to balance,  joy, happiness and good health.

Food in the News!

Food Extremists

There is a Vegan establishment here in Los Angeles, California that is privately owned and operate a few highly successful locations. They have been featured in the media for providing outstanding Vegan meals and have a unique ordering process, which has put them on the map.  From all media accounts they have provided a pleasurable dining experience. Recently, the proprietors informed the public about their own choice to eat organic grass fed beef. They are not changing the restaurant menus however, which will remain Vegan. Since the announcements they have began receiving death threats!

I am saddened and truly amazed that patrons would respond with the the potential use of violence. OBVIOUSLY,  the last time I checked we live in a free society where we have the RIGHT to CHOOSE!

Personally, I would joke that Vegans can be highly irritable because they are not getting some vital nutrients found only in animal proteins but this is no laughing matter. Come on now isn't is time for some common sense and reality?  So, I am sharing one of my previous posts on our website regarding the use of organic, grass fed beef.  

Animas Wellbeing Facebook post 3/30/2016

Working as a Nutritionist I find most people are confused about whether or not to eat beef. While it is a good question the answer is somewhere in the middle. 

Beef is raised by thousands of conscientious, hardworking, humane minded ranchers. Cattle is carefully nurtured and allowed to feed on free range grass as nature intended. Producing meat that is free of antibiotics and steroids and high in Omega-3 good fats. 

Where the nightmare begins is when the cattle are sold at rock bottom prices to the large corporations that fatten it up before slaughter using GMO's, antibiotics and steroids. Ninety five percent of our beef has been altered in this manner. Unfortunately, now the good Omega-3's are dramatically reduced and what was good for the heart is now causing blocked arteries and coronary disease. Not to mention how inhumanely these poor animals are treated before slaughter.

The demand for a healthier sustainable grass fed alternatives is rapidly growing. You can find 100% grass fed beef at natural food grocers and available on the menus in restaurants. So if your inclined to eat beef in the future you can make the right choice and demand the humane treatment of all animals.

I hope you enjoy and that it actually helps to support peoples freedom of choice to eat a well balance diet.