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Nutritional Trends

Organic versus Non-organic
While there has been plenty of discussion and debate regarding the pros and cons and especially the price difference. Is one really better than the other? 

Pesticides can be applied by crop dusting, sprayed or applied systemically where the seed is treated and or genetically modified before is put into the ground. Obviously crop dusting sprays the non organic fields but winds can carry the pesticides to the organic fields as well as most crops are grown side by side. Also, most of our fruit is still being sprayed to prevent infestation and yield a more abundant crop. After all it is not only about feeding people but it is a business and economically makes the most sense. Personally, the higher cost of the organic produce a few years ago prevented me from using the organics. 

 However with greater demand more organic choice are being made available at a more reasonable price. I now have switched over and use nothing but organic. Not only have I found a better texture, sweeter produce but it also lasts longer. The shelf life is almost double that of a non organic. Do an experiment for yourself by purchasing an organic apple and a non organic. First try to wash the coating from the surface of the non organic apple. Trying to remove all of it is nearly impossible and most of the nutrients are found in the skin so by peeling it we lose half of the nutrients from the start. Second slice the apples and place them side by side and watch how quickly the non organic fruit begins to oxidize and turn brown. It is a matter of minutes while the organic fruit remains white for almost a half hour. From there do your own taste comparison and I think you will be amazed. I would rather purchase less at a higher cost and maximize the nutritional value. I also find that I don't lose as much to spoilage, so my choice is using organic whenever possible. 

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