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I naturally like to nosh and finger foods are one of my favorite. Friends have teased me for years that I like to eat with my fingers which is true. 

Although, being a chef we are constantly checking seasoning a small bite at a time. Recently I added my garden variety breakfast consisting of vegetables grown from my garden when available and all organic from the grocery store if out of season.

So I use a few slices of celery, carrot, red or yellow bell pepper, apple, pear, broccoli, rainbow chard and or spinach.  I also add a small ramekin of plain greek yogurt with a touch of honey and cinnamon. Not only am I setting metabolism up for the day it fulfills my need for finger food and snacking in a very healthy way. With this healthy indulgence I have found that my desire to snack later in the day does not occur. 

My second favorite foods come in a bowl and enjoyed with a spoon. Delicious soups, oatmeal with chia seeds, yogurt, cottage cheese. 

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is learning how to intuitively feed your body. What kinds of foods do you enjoy the most and what time of the day are you the most hungry? Food cravings occur when the body feels deprived and when key nutritional needs are not being met. 

Learning to nourish and feed our bodies is vital in feeding our bodies the correct way.